staffordshire county studies  

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Letocetum, The Rise and Decline of a Roman Posting Station, Gould, J.

A Topographical History of Staffordshire, Pitt, W

Memorials of Old Staffordshire, Beresford, W, Rev

Notes on Staffordshire Place names, Duignan, W.H

Staffordshire Pots and Potters, Rhead, G.W. And  F.A

The Dissolution of the Monasteries, Hibbert, F.A

The Earle Collection of early Staffordshire Pottery, Earle, C

The Geology of the North Staffordshire Coalfields, Gibson, W

The Reades of Blackwood Hill, and Dr Johnson’s Ancestry, Reade. A.L

The Victoria History of the County of Staffordshire, Volume 1

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