staffordshire county studies  
This is what we do.

It would be impossible to say everything about an English county. Staffordshire County Studies is concerned, rather, with a sample of what people observing Staffordshire have described and thought about the county over time. The website is an archive. The works are found in often difficult-to-find publications. SCS makes these publications accessible to all.

The interest of the authors is in every aspect of the county’s existence - its geology, its people, geography, history, archaeology; genealogy, natural history, industry, and its climate.

You can be a visitor here or a library member. If a visitor you will view most files online; as a member you will be be able to see all these and also to save entirely accurate, facsimile copies of all files to your own device, with many advantages.* Please note the difference between these types of file, described on this page.

SCS has no ambition beyond being an archive, but attempts to encourage responsible use of its files. The majority of the collection is the printed publications of local studies societies.

Enjoy your visit today.

*Some facsimile files are available to non-members, indicated by active links.

Sample files for guests are a selection of pages from each original publication. They are watermarked.  

Facsimile versions reproduce the original document. Most are password-protected to discourage liberal distribution. They are available to registered members only.

Facsimile files can be saved to your computer, when they become searchable, and text is copyable by copy and paste.

If a file does not play immediately on selection, right-click and choose ‘save target as’ >. Download, open in your web browser (Chrome, IE, etc).

To save to your device, select download in the browser-produced pdf screen (usually an option available at the top of the page).

File sharing restrictions, where added, are  to recognise the commitment, creativity and research of the authors of the works, and to reflect the considerable effort donated in re-presenting the publications digitally for a far wider constituency than they have had in the past.

Website is optimised for desktop PC use. Users of other devices may be unable access some of its features and links.

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